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Communication and your K9

The first thing that you must do is learn to communicate with your K9. This is the foundation of any dog training. If you are unable to communicate what you want from your dog your training will not go anywhere.

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The communication between man and dog begins to take shape at the pups young age and forms the basis of a bond that will remain constant through out the dogs life.

It is more than just verbal, it extends into your body language. You can interact and communicate with your dog while remaining completely silent and only changing how you stand and the look on your face. This is how they communicate with each other and this is why dogs can be trained by hand gestures, and in reality most dogs pick up body language and hand gestures faster than they do verbal commands.

This means you have to mind your body language and your gestures when you are training your dog. If you want a hand gesture for their command make sure you do it the same every time and how you want it, If you do not want any gestures make sure that you do not make any.

Make sure you stand in a calm but confident manner, stand up straight with relaxed shoulders and an even facial expression. When your first starting out have someone watch you and tell you if you are making any gestures or movements that you might be un aware of.

Communication also extends past body language and into your thoughts. So you also need to mind your thoughts and make sure Think positive thoughts about and toward your dog.

Now before you tune out understand that your thoughts will unconsciously change your body language and your dog will pick up on that. However because I have hopefully managed to keep your attention through that let me ask you this.

Have you ever felt like your dog knew what you were thinking?

You have likely heard the stories of dogs anticipating their handlers return when the handler decides to head home or stories of dogs traveling hundreds of miles to reunite with their family in places they have never been before.

We throughly believe that communication with dogs goes beyond the verbal and body language and into a deeper connection. A connection that has formed over the centuries as dogs have worked side by side with man, a connection that is strengthened through by the bond you get from working with and for your dog.

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