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Welcome to Midnight Sun K-9

Welcome to Midnight Sun K-9

This post is our first and is mainly here to introduce our selves and give an idea of what you will find here.

We are recreational Mushers & Dog Trainers in Interior Alaska. We primarily work with Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and Alaskan Huskies with the goal of getting our dogs to a level of fitness and ability in multiple disciplines to not only be companions but partners, and resources on the last frontier. We jokingly refer to this as our Alaskan Working Dog Program.

Our program starts from the time puppies are born and continues on until they’re adults. A dogs training like many other things in life if perishable. If you are not at the least maintaining their training eventually it will start to diminish. Just many human skills and so many things in life. Not only should you be maintaining their training, you really should be constantly aiming to be better.

Our program consists of a program for the puppies that foster health and confidence early on setting them up for success in their future training.

Once they are old enough they then start training in….

Scent work (mainly animal scents and shed antlers)
Mushing (great form of exercise and allows for exploration in the winter time)
Obstacle Training (great for confidence and ability when hiking and exploring)
Advanced Obedience (great for confidence and ability when hiking and exploring)
And Moreā€¦

Our blog will consist of posts on…

Dog training involving the above topics
Stories of our adventures
Occasionally post on wilderness skills especially those involving animals and dogs.
and More….

It’s great to have you here and hope you enjoy the site.