Meet the Team

Recon “Patriarch”

Recon is the founding puppy of Midnight Sun K9 and was our first puppy together as well as our first Malinoise that got us hooked on the breed. Recon moved to AK with us from the lower 48 and grew up building his leg muscles in the rocky mountains.

7 years old Now and a proud dad of 7 new members of MSK9. He is coming into the mushing game late but taking to his spot as a team dog like a champ.

He knows how to climb up mountains as well as how to rappel back down, and has more than once put him self between Mr. MSK9 and some wild life that was getting a little too close for his liking.

He knows what stellan means as well all his new mushing commands and is continuing to impress with his ability to learn and adapt to new situations.

Blue aka “Blucifer” the emotional support demon.

She is a high drive asshole and we wouldn’t have it any other way. She looks sweet, and she can be, but looks can also be deceiving.

Blue was our second pup at Midnight Sun K9 and is a strong bred half Malinoise and half dutch shepherd.

Unlike most sled dogs who are trained partially by the other dogs in the team she was trained from scratch by Mrs. MSK9 as we had no trained dogs at the time. We originally intended to breed her to recon but she is not having any of that.

She wants to stay single and keep that swim suit body. She generally runs swing for Mrs. MSK9 but she will also run lead when the team is not too big.